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Positive Creations.


Heal yourself in wondrous ways.

The people behind Causa provide a wide-range of services that heal and improve the integrity of your body and quality of spirit,

Holographic Kinetics - heals the past, bringing life back into balance by clearing negative thoughts, trauma and energy from past experiences or the genetic line which are still causing an effect today.

Face Yoga - a natural anti-aging remedy. Facial exercises work the layers underneath the skin by restoring muscle tone and elasticity, improving lymph drainage, releasing facial holding patterns creating greater circulation, which shows as a beautiful facial glow.


Artisan Crafts

In-store and online - you can find a great collection of artisan jewelry, arts and clothing. The craftsmen at Causa accept custom jobs.

Workshops / Events

At Causa, you can participate in a variety of workshops to your benefit. Some of which are: Women's circle, Holographic kinetics.


An extremely varied and diverse collection of books, befitting of all needs and interests. Stop by and find your next read.