Jewelry. Books. Rocks. Gems and now Terrariums. Handmade Love.
Positive Creations.

Healing Body & Spirit

Holographic Kinetics - Heal the past to change the future. Clear trauma and invading energies.
Clear up the genetic line.
Let go of patterns that are still affecting you today.

Face Yoga - A natural anti-aging remedy.
Facial exercises work the layers underneath the skin by restoring muscle tone and elasticity, improving lymph drainage, releasing facial holding patterns creating greater circulation, which shows as a beautiful facial glow.


In store and online - you can find a great collection of artisan jewelry, arts and clothing. The craftsmen at Causa accept custom orders.


Learn a new skill and take home your own created beauty with macrame and terrarium workshops.
 Gather with others for Face Yoga and a Women's Circle.


Fully packed bookstore.  A fiction room to sci- fi and children's classics.  Find your next inspiration and escape.