Holographic Kinetics

Healing Spirit

Holographic Kinetics is based on the ancient Aboriginal knowledge of the laws of Lore and the understanding that all things in nature are alive.
HOLOGRAPHIC  explains man as a hologram - where every cell in the body holds memory and thoughts coming from the past, into the present and the future.  Cellular memory stores trauma from generations coming down the hereditary line.
KINETIC energy comes from the Infinite universe, as free flowing balanced energy. Thoughts capture this energy by our reactions to situations which then become potential energy, and can erupt in our lives, in many forms, such as anger or depression.

DREAMTIME HEALING - balances the imbalances of man internally. Dreamtime healing is able to access the interdimensional world of all life force, and the invisible, known as spirit. All creation is first set-up in the invisible, and then flows through the external world of reality.

holographic kinetics

can heal/assist in these areas

Personal Healing - breaking through repeating patterns, clearing trauma, metaphysical interference (note: children under a certain age will need to be surrogated through parents)

Space Clearing - energetic disturbance for home or office, even for setting up a good space

Land Trauma - the spirit of the land may hold old traumas that need clearing

Business - businesses are a metaphysical entity that may have blocks or interference holding them back

Pets - surrogate your pet’s energy into you or a third party in order to clear issues and start the healing process

Marriage and Partnerships - businesses and marriages are their own separate entity and may have blocks or stuck energy. Surrogating the entity of the business or marriage can clear blockages and pave the way for a successful partnership into the future.

Holographic Kinetic can help with the following issues:

* emotional problems
* mental health issues
*anger, guilt, shame
* anxiety
* depression
* drug abuse
* alcohol dependency
* trauma
* psychic attack
* abuse
* self harm
* weight issues
* relationship issues
* sexual/intimacy problems
* inter-dimensional interference
* compulsive disorders
* hearing voices
* suicidal thoughts
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How it works

Our success is achieved by clearing trauma locked in events, thoughts and emotions.
Until trauma is cleared from adverse events in our lives, we are continually affected today and in the future.

For case studies, visit: www.holographickinetics.com

Resisting a situation, or not allowing yourself to fully accept it, captures free-flowing universal energy, which will spiral inwards, becoming trapped and transformed into potential energy.

This potential energy then crystallizes and aligns itself into platonic geometry to build the first form of matter, which can eventually become sickness. The crystal will lock into the stress or weak point of the body in the moment of trauma.

Trapped energy is why some people can become emotionally explosive, as the energy swings from potential energy to explosive energy. Past (or present) thoughts, emotions or reactions to events can become trapped in the body, affecting our lives and causing us to become stuck in repeating patterns that continue to affect the future cycles of time.

Trapped energy can also eventually manifest as illness, confusion dysfunction, anti-social behavior and all manner of other ills or disorders. By accessing the dimension where the energy was first trapped we are able to release it and therefore let go of the issue.

This will stop negative patterns from repeating as the cycle has been completed. Trapped energy exists in its own dimension of time.

Together we access these dimensions to clear the captured energy and set the client back into balance.

you can

expect this

A Holographic Kinetics healing session takes approximately 1 1/2 hour where you will lie comfortably on a massage table, in a normal waking state.

Through kinetics, your spirit will indicate how, where, when and why you created the cause of any created effect, no matter how far back on your time line this may have been created or no matter how far back on the genetic hereditary line it may have been created.

In each session we are looking for the cause of about 3-4 affects and it is advisable to bring to your appointment a list of habits or patterns that are currently affecting you.

However, do not go looking for your issues; remember where the focus goes the energy flows, as there may be suppressed memories or things that come to your awareness to be acknowledged, learned from, healed, and let go of.

After the session, it is advisable to take it easy, as your body could go through a de-fragging process over a 48-hour period.

My client thoughts and emotions

this is what they think

"Gabby, your peaceful competence in dealing with whatever shows up in an HK session promotes ease, trust and confidence in a client. Keep up your great contribution to freedom for those who are willing to experience the power of HK."

Nova Scotia

"I want to let you know that I was exhausted after my session with you for about two days. Then all of a sudden, I perked up, and felt better than I have felt in a very long time – light, energetic, optimistic, and carefree! So good work!"


"I now have a deeper understanding on how little awareness we have about our own belief systems that sit quietly in our subconscious and impact on our actions and feelings.


"Gabby, Consciously I was uncertain as to how the session would go. Spirit heard my thoughts preparing to meeting you
and addressed all that needed to be cleared. I realize how blessed I am. I am so grateful to you as a professional practitioner. And a heartfelt thank you to Steve Richards for his contribution to healing the planet one person at a time. My blessings to you doing your life’s work. Thank you. "


"After one session, I quit smoking marijuana. I feel the drug no longer has power over me. I now feel much clearer and relaxed."


"I am still processing, exhilarated, filled with gratitude for the session, for all that has led me to you, for all that I am and all that I have. I feel like I am walking on air.
Many thanks."